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8 oz. Bottle 4030

Gallon Container - 4050

Fab-U-Cream is a highly effective skin conditioner developed to control most skin and dermatitis problems caused by skin irritation when exposed to mild acids, solvents and cleaning compounds. Fab-U-Cream is approved for use in printed circuit and electronic assembly areas. Ther are no silicones or lanolin's used in Fab-U-Cream that might contaminate the solder joints when handled by assembly personnel.

Fab-U-Cream is applied to hands and forearm before starting work. Rub well into the desired areas with a gentle circular motion, especially around nails and fingertips.  Re-apply every 4 hours for effective use. If handling abrasive materials, apply more often.

Simply wash area with soap and warm water.

Fab-U-Cream has a shelf  life of 12 months.

Store at room temperature in an unopened container.

Fab-U-Cream is a hand care product that works well with CD-14 Resin Off Hand Cleaner and CD-#201 Protective Hand Glove.

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