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Gallon - 3510

16 oz. Bottle - 3509

8 oz. Bottle - 3508

NI-Comp Hold-60LH is a non-ionic water-soluble component holding material designed to securely hold electronic components in place during the wave solder operation. Once the soldering is complete, NI-Comp Hold-60LH will easily wash away in the water cleaning process. This non-ionic formulation was specifically developed for use in water recycled systems where participants can be quickly separated from the water.

NI-Comp Hold-60LH is applied by an 8 oz. applicator bottle. Starting on the circuit board, apply a continuous bead of NI-Comp Hold-60LH over the top of the component and end on the circuit board anchoring the electronic part from 2 sides.  If a long string of components are lined up in a parallel, apply NI-Comp Hold-60LH over the top of  each component anchoring both ends to the circuit board.  With NI-Comp Hold-60Lh still wet, make small adjustments to the component if necessary. Once dry, the electronic parts will not rock, float, or tilt out of place during wave solder.

The water cleaning cycle completely removes NI-Comp Hold-60LH when subjected to hot (140F, 60C) flowing water. The thickness of NI-Comp Hold-60LH and amount of water exposed to it will determine the time for complete removal.

NI-Comp Hold-60LH has a shelf life of 6 months from date of manufacture when properly stored.

For best results, NI-Comp Hold-60LH should be stored in an unopened container at room temperature (72, 22C) .

Please refer to Technical Data Bulletin #TD9000-The Complete Masking Selection Guide

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