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8 oz. Bottle - 6332

WSM-90 T (Heavy Viscosity) is designed as a thicker, heavier bodied version of WSM-90T Water-Soluble Component Hold.  It will hold electronic components in place during the wave solder operations as well as masks areas that require a thick bodied material WSM-90T is formulated as safe, non-caustic, water based resin that contains no hazardous chemicals or solvents. Once SXM-90T has been used, it will completely was away in a hot (150F, 60C) water cleaning system.

WSM-90T is applied from an 8 oz. bottle to the designed circuit board area. Once WSM-90T is air dry, it can be used for component holding or masking operations.

The water cleaning cycle completely removes WSM-90T when subjected to hot (140F, 60C) flowing water.

WSM-90T has a shelf life of 6 months from the date of manufacturing, Each container is date stamped to show the batch number, date of manufacturing and expiration date.

Store at room temperature (72, 22C) in unopened containers.

Please refer to the Technical Data Bulletin #TD9000-The Complete Masking Selection Guide

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