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WST- 60 Water Soluble Masking Tape is designed to mask flat areas of the circuit board during the solder operation and later wash away in the water cleaning cycle. WST-60 Water Soluble Masking Tape is static-free; it eliminates any drying time, and completely washes away in an aqueous cleaning system. WST-60 Water Soluble Masking Tape is also biodegradable.

The circuit board surface should be free from grease, oil and metal salts. Once the polyester film liner is removed from the tape, WST-60 can be positioned on the circuit board. Avoid stretching or pulling the tape and eliminate any air bubbles. These conditions could lead to seepage of solder through the tape areas.  The rolls of WST- 60 should be returned to a sealable plastic bag after each use to reduce the absorption of moisture in the air.

WST-60 is removed from the circuit board during the water wash cycle. A minimum water temperature of 140F (60C) is necessary to remove the tape.  The water should be as close to the circuit board and with the highest water pressure as possible during the cleaning cycle. A minimum of 2 minutes of exposure to 140F (60C) water is required.

WST-60 Water Soluble Masking Tape can be stored up to 6 months from date of manufacturing. Each container is stamped to show the batch number, date of manufacturing and an expiration date.

WST-60 Water Soluble Masking Tape should be stored at room temperature (72F, 22C) in an unopened container.

Other specialized masking materials are available upon request. Please refer to the Technical Data Bulletin #TD9000-The Complete Masking Selection Guide.

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