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8 oz. Bottle 3530

Gallon - 3550

NI-WSM-95 (Red) is a non-ionic water-soluble solder mask designed to protect areas of the circuit board from coming in contact with molten solder. NI-WSM-95 (Red) is applied directly to the circuit board. Once the area masked passes over the waver solder operation, NI-WSM-95 (Red) can be removed with hot water (140F/60C) leaving no residue or contaminates on the surface of the circuit board.  The non-ionic properties of NI-WSM-95 (Red) should filter out in the recycled water system protecting the ionizing plates.

NI-WSM-95 (Red) is applied using a plastic squeeze bottle or by automated dispenser. Drying time varies according to the NI-WSM-95 (Red) thickness and relative humidity. Warm dry moving air will quicken the drying time (not to exceed 150F).  Optimum coating thickness is 10 to 35 mils (.025 1 mm).

NI-WSM-95 (Red) is removed in a hot non-ionic water cleaning system. For best results, the water temperature should be as high as possible. Minimum water temperatures would be 140F (60C).  The remains of the NI-WSM-95 (Red) will filter out in the non-ionic water filter system.

NI-WSM-95 (Red) has a shelf life of 6 months. Keep containers airtight to prevent drying and store at room temperature.

Store at room temperature (72F, 22C) in unopened containers.

 Please refer to Technical Data Bulletin #TD9000 The Complete Masking Selection Guide.

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