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Silk Screen Water Soluble Mask Screen Print Application

8 oz. Bottle - 3830 Gallons - 3850

WSM-80 Water Soluble Mask is a red water soluble polymer that is specifically designed for screen-printing circuit  boards. Once applied and allowed to cure at room temperature, this material is formulated to resist the adhesion of solder to specific areas of the circuit board during the soldering operation. After solder operation, WMS-80 can be used with all types of fluxes.

WSM-80 is applied by a squeegee and silkscreen application. The drying time may vary according to the thickness of the mask and relative humidity. Warm or cold dry air will quicken the drying time.

WSM-80 is completely soluble in hot water, leaving no residue on the circuit board.

WSM-80 can be stored up to six months from the date of manufacturing.

WSM-80 can be stored at room temperature (72F, 22C) in an unopened container.

Please refer to Technical Data Bulletin #TD9000-The Complete Masking Selection Guide

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