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Gallon – 1450

8 oz. Bottle - 1430

PC Flex Mask #2 Viscosity  is a green single-component natural latex rubber that cures at room temperature and is ideally suited for conformal coasting mask or large hold solder mask. This material is formulated to withstand temperatures up to 268C/515F during the normal soldering operation (not to exceed 5 seconds).  Once used to mask, this material is manually peeled off and discarded.

PC Flex-Mask #2 Viscosity is applied using the plastic squeeze bottle supplied by cutting the nozzle to the desired bead size and applying to selected areas.  It will adhere to circuit boards that are clean and dry prior to application.  PC Flex-Mask #2 Viscosity cures in approximately 40 minutes at room temperature (22C/72F) and relative humidity of less than 40%.  The cure time could vary according to the mask thickness and relative humidity condition. Optimum thickness would range between 10-30 mils.

PC Flex-Mask #2 Viscosity removes easily by hand or tweezers. Simply lift one corner and pull.  A slight lifting action will remove PC Flex-Mask #2 Viscosity all in one piece leaving no residue. For best results, PC Flex-Mask #2 Viscosity should be removed as soon as possible after the cleaning operation.

PC Flex-Mask #2 Viscosity has a shelf life of 6 months from date of manufacture.  Each container is stamped to show the batch number, date of manufacture and expiration date.

PC Flex-Mask #2 Viscosity must be protected from freezing.  Store at room temperature in an unopened container.

PC Flex-Mask #2 Viscosity is available in different viscosities and colors. Please refer to Technical Data Bulletin #TD9000–The Complete Masking Selection Guide.

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